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Timed colorful hourglass with sleeping remote night light

Timed colorful hourglass with sleeping remote night light

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Some people say that this hourglass is used to measure love. Love is like sand. The tighter the catch, the faster it flows. In fact, the two people should be more honest with each other.

After all, only two of you have come together in this vast sea of people, from acquaintance, mutual understanding, to love.

What a romantic thing!

If you are thinking that your encounter is accidental, I think that must be accidental.

Let the hourglass of love come to witness our love, let the hourglass of love to accompany us through this happy life.

Let the hourglass of love remind us of it and not!

Name: Colorful hourglass lamp
Lamp power: 0.13W
Rated voltage: 220v-50HZ
Charging: 2-3 hours
Standby time: 8 hours or so
Material: borosilicate glass
Production process: blowing
Category: Geometric shapes
Surface technology: polishing
Hanging form: decoration
Style: simple and modern
Styling: Geometry
Specifications: large, small
Size: Large 30 minutes white sand, small 15 minutes white sand, large 30 minutes silver sand, small 15 minutes silver sand, large gold beads (not timed), small gold beads (not timed), trumpet White Lite [no gift box]

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